Hi, Iím Jessica, the head baker and decorator of The Cake Surprise. Iím a wife to Photographer Chris, a mom to Riley, Katherine, and Millie the dog; I work full time, but love to decorate cakes. By day, I work in corporate America, as a Sr. Applications Analyst / IT Project Manager. Over the past 3 years, Iíve discovered a passion for creating and decorating cakes. It all began with an obsession with food/cake shows on TV, followed with food and cake blogs and sites, and with the arrival of our first daughter, and the birthdays to come, I turned my obsession into a reality. I have no formal training, aside from a few local classes. Iíve found trial and error, along with a lot of internet reading and research, have helped me develop my skills. Milestones in life, no matter how big or small, should be celebrated. My hope is to help others celebrate their own milestones by providing a Cake Surprise!

All of the photography credit on this site belongs to husband/Photographer Chris. He also works in corporate America as a Sr. Sales Analyst by day, but has a passion for photography. As much as I love making cake creations, he enjoys photographing them as a piece of art.